We specialize in special and Theresa Kay always finds a way!

Build Your Own Bouquet Bar

Your ‘Create Your Own Bouquet Bar’ is such a unique idea! And so much fun!!
— Excited new customer

B.Y.O.B. Bar

The old saying goes… “Stop and Smell the Roses”. Here at Time for Flowers, Theresa Kay truly believes that people should not only smell the roses, but play in them. Because of that belief, our Build Your Own Bouquet Bar was born.

At Time for Flowers, our patrons, young and old alike, are encouraged to pick out their own vessel, flowers and greens and create a bouquet or arrangement by themselves or with our assistance.

Not quite confident enough to go it alone? Don’t worry. Many customers enjoy picking out their own flowers and watching while Theresa Kay or her other designers build a beautiful creation right in front of them. Theresa Kay invites you to try to stump her with your request.

If this intrigues you, Please know that individuals and groups, including bridal parties, can enjoy the hands on experience of our Build Your Own Bouquet Bar. As an added bonus, unique memories of building that special arrangement together with family or friends can be captured at Time for Flowers, unlike anywhere else.

Those who know Theresa Kay, know that making beautiful memories is of the utmost importance to her.

This unique service is gaining popularity and customers are having a blast. Come be part of the process!

We specialize in special and Theresa Kay always find away!

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